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SunsOut Puzzle Preserver Glue is a 4 fluid ounce jar of puzzle glue. Simply spread the liquid glue over the puzzle surface and let it dry to a smooth, clear sheen.

The result is sturdy puzzle art you can hang on the wall, with or without a frame.

SunsOut Puzzle Preserver is non-toxic, approximately glues two 1,000 pieces, or four 500 piece puzzles, or eight 100 piece puzzles and comes with a brush applicator built into the lid.

Place Puzzle on cardboard or newspaper, design side up. Brush Puzzle preserver on design. Used liberally-fill in cracks and cover entire surface. Allow 1 hour to dry.

Easy to use glue to laminate your favorite jigsaw puzzles for framing.

Conforms to ASTM practice D-4236

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